Property Insurance


Your home is very precious to you. It is the fruit of your long and heavy work.
But you seem to forget how fragile it is, for unforeseen or unpredicted events could bring it into peril at any time.
So you really need to protect it.



Our main objective is to compensate you for any loss or damage resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, or impact of vehicles.

You can also benefit from several additional covers such as:

Your responsibility resulting from a fire or explosion that could happen in the insured premises and may cause material damage to your neighbours.

The costs and expenses incurred in removing the debris, as well as the architect fees necessary to restore the building.

The payment of the temporary rent incurred during the reparation period.

Damage resulting from natural perils

Damage caused by leakage of water from water pipes, water tanks, heating and refrigerating systems.

Compensation for any accidental breaking of glass doors or windows.

The civil responsibility that the insured may face as a result of bodily injury or material damage happening to others and caused by the insured properties.

Covering the accidents and their results such as death, permanent disablement or even medical expenses, that could happen to the insured’s workers or employees while carrying out their functions.

The insured is also compensated for any loss, destruction or damage to the insured goods resulting from burglary

And a lot of other benefits…