Customer Care


  • Brokers are entitled to recommend best insurers in town, to offer adequate solutions to their clients’ needs, to deliver competitive market prices, to negotiate best terms with insurance companies and to defend your rights in case of a claim. So who’s capable more than them to serve you?

  • Your major needs in property insurance are to protect your construction and contents from Fire, earthquakes, burglary, water damage… you also need to cover your responsibilities versus your neighbours in case of fire of water damage, still you might have other needs, contact us for a comprehensive assessment.

  • Different methods are available:

    1-      Call us and we will send someone to collect.
    2-      You can sign a collect procedure with predetermined dates.
    3-      You can pay by Western union.
    4-      You can also pay at our banks providers branches. (ask us for the account number)
    5-      Or you can pass by our office at your convenience.

  • Should be:

    1-      Licensed
    2-      Has a good reputation
    3-      Deals with solvable insurers
    4-      Has a wide experience
    5-      Has to be a problem solver
    6-      Capable to tailor made solutions
    7-      …

  • Once we explain to you the 5 primary coverage, choosing will become a piece of cake.

  • You should look for:

    1-      Unlimited covers
    2-      Unlimited network of medical providers.
    3-      Ask for guaranteed renewability
    4-      Ask for continuity
    5-      Be sure that the insurer is solvable and has a good reputation.
    6-      Be sure that the third party administrator is not the sole player; insurers should have a cell capable to overwrite TPA decisions if necessary.
    7-      Restricted list of exclusions
    8-      Contract wording should be clear of any ambiguity.
    9-      …

    If you find above list difficult to master, ask for our consultancy and advice.

  • Your plan should consider the following:

    1-      To be renewable

    2-      Your Permanent Total Disability rider should cover Own or Similar occupation and not any occupation.

    3-      Your War cover should include Terrorism.

    4-      Your price should be competitive

    5-      Your insurer should be solvable and has a good reputation

    6-      Contract wording should be clear of any ambiguity…

  • Everybody needs a Life insurance policy, if not to protect their beloved, it is recommended to protect yourself in case of disability.

  • Every single person worries about their retirement. The most important concern in our life is to guarantee some savings for the future so that we have a constant source of income on retirement.

  • Critical illness insurance guarantees the payment of an amount if the insured is diagnosed with a serious illness listed in the policy. The sum insured may be used either to pay the costs of care and treatment, either as income for the daily life expenses, also to pay debts or to replace any lost income due to a decreasing ability to earn.

  • The CAR insurance can be requested for all building and civil engineering projects such as:

    residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, theatres, factories, power plants, road and railway facilities, airports, bridges, dams, weirs, tunnels, water supply and drainage systems, canals, harbors… And those to cover all possible risks the project might face including damage to plants, materials, equipments and machineries.