Individual Life Insurance


Every single person, with every minute that goes by, faces a threat that would put his life at risk and bring his family’s stability into peril. What would happen if one day your family wakes up with no resources and no means? Would they just stand and watch their dreams of a bright future all tumble down? We have seen it happen so many times. A stable family, a happy home, a perfect image, and then suddenly, all vanished and gone. An unexpected Illness, an unforeseen Accident… How can we ensure that our family will have some financial support after our death and some securities in times of hardship?



Life insurance is well suited to respond to various needs such as family protection during children raising years or to cover the succession costs, or to satisfy the borrower debt in case of loans offered by banks and thus for death or disability due to illness, accident or even war or terrorism. Depending on each individual needs, other reasons may be valid…