Property all risks Insurance


Your properties are certainly very precious to you.
Your office or maybe your shop… All form the fruits of your long and heavy labour.
Throughout the years, you built them stone by stone, working harder and harder every day.
But you seem to forget how fragile they are, for unforeseen or unpredicted events could bring them into peril at any time.
Fire, theft, natural disaster … can threaten the success or the existence of your business.
You might say; It does happen to others but not me! But when disaster strikes, it is too late to talk about prevention and protection.
So you really need to insure these properties.



We have the best Property all risks insurance conditions to cover all your needs:

Against Fire, explosion, lightning, water damage, broken windows, fall of air devices, natural disasters, earthquakes, flood, storm theft and vandalism, damage to electrical appliances, neighbors recourse, landlords recourse, operating losses, electronics risks, data protection, machinery breakdown, loss of profit and lot of others.